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Number Plate Recognition with HD Camera with Traffic Barrier Gate for Sale

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    ANPR automatic license number plate recognition vehicle identification LPR system


    ANPR parking system is a a reliable, accurate and cost effective off-street car park management solution. Drivers do not need to stop to swipe card, which is a great convenience. It is widely used in many places, including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centres.

    • Ticketless parking fee management.
    • Increased security
    • Parking access automation
    • Car theft prevention
    • Prevention of “lost ticket”fraud

    How ANPR(also known as LPR) car parking system works
    1. Entrance procedure

    Vehicle stops in front of the entrance, just before the barrier. The sensor detects its presence and a dedicated camera automatically recognizes and records the number plate, date and time of entry. The remote management system captures the data provided by the camera and enters it into the database. If already registered, the subscriber’s membership information and reservation data are added. The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park.  The barrier lowers automatically, once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.

    Drivers of vehicles registered can enter and exit car park freely. Parking charges are automatically debited from their nominated credit/debit cards at regular intervals via an online account.

    2. Exit procedure
    Vehicle stops at the exit, just before the barrier.  The sensor detects its presence and the dedicated camera verifies the number plate against payment information, or the listing of the vehicle on the database (e.g. subscribers). The management system validates correct payment, or entitlement to park without payment to enable exit. The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the car park. The barrier goes down automatically once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.

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    System overview


    Booth- This structure is the working place for parking lot manager. They can manage entering vehicles and collect parking fee from leaving vehicles in this place.
    2. Island- Structure for installation booth, barrier and LPR device.
    3. Barrier- In order to control entering vehicles efficiently, barrier is installed in heavy traffic area and in case of need access control vehicles such as entry/exit.
    4. LPR device- LPR device takes images of entering/leaving vehicles with high-definition mega pixel camera and it automatically recognizes plate number then access control/manage vehicles
    5. LPR display unit- Install and link with LPR device, display recognized vehicles' information and commutation driver information.
    6 .Loop- Loop coil is laid at entry of parking lot.The device receive high frequency signal current from vehicle detector and make a magnetic field near loop coil. Once vehicle pass this field, send impedance changes to detector and convert voltage and amplify them and send detect information signal to booth


    Straight lane is the best type to recognize plate No. and ANPR camera can take an image of max.3.5m width. If ANPR device is installed more than 3.5m road width, vehicle guide equipment (ex.Elastic rod.signboard,etc.) should be installed.In case of installation speed bump the size of bump must be road width. If speed bump size is smaller than road width,driver would not approach straight way to avoid speed bump, then ANPR camera cannot capture clear and accurate image for recognition.

    Typical installation


    Operation Flow


    The toll station software and background software
    Toll station software

    For the toll station software 1) the toll staffs log in, operate and charge the parking fee .2) the toll staffs can set equipments parameter. 3) the toll staff can check the current paid up amount records.


    Background software
    The manager can log in and make card issue, cashier management, Query of the access record, charging standard setting ,system configuration, etc.

    P.S. The software is English version, if customer would like to  change to other language, please consult us

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